About Ferris' Grill and Garden Patio


Ferris' Oyster Bar & Grill opened its doors on the 4th of February, 1991. Its original name was Ferris' Oyster and Burger Bar Restaurant. This name embodied the simplicity of the early menu: a focus on oysters and simple grill food. Although this proved to be popular, it was soon discovered that that was not enough. Ferris' menu has greatly expanded and consequently, a name change seemed appropriate. Today, Ferris' Grill & Garden patio (as the main floor is called), features a diverse array of fine foods, ranging from burgers, to pastas & fresh seafood, and of course, oysters!

Chef Bio

Chef & owner Dave Craggs early memories of growing up on Vancouver Island center around center around food; digging for clams, roasting oysters on beach fires, picking shrimp from the docks at Peddar Bay & eating fresh fish from the waters of East Sooke. Dave began his career in Victoria as chef of the seafood focussed Grand Central Cafe, then after a 3 year stint cooking & writing in Montreal, came back to the west coast to work for a fishing resort on the Sunshine Coast. Dave returned to Victoria in 1998 to partner with friend Tom Ferris in what was then known as Ferris' Oyster & Burger Bar. Dave's culinary influences point heavily to the countries of the Mediterranean, in particular Spain, where he travels often. Dave is happiest when eating simply prepared, freshly caught seafood, preferably on a beach with his toes in the sand.