dine around 2023

Ferris' Grill and Garden Patio


 additional wine pairings +$25 

January 20th - February 5th  


course one


west coast fish and shellfish stew

local mussels & clams, shrimp, dill


caramelized shallot & goats cheese tart tatin

px sherry vinaigrette, greens, apple, walnuts



course two


shawarma marinated chicken leg

chorizo & white bean ragout, zhug,  preserved lemon


oven roasted wild Salmon

yellow split pea dahl, riata, spiced onions crispy scallion, grilled flatbread


moorish spiced chick pea ‘cassoulet’

soft boiled egg, almonds, capers, steamed rice, tomato, cumin





white chocolate cheesecake

 chocolate sauce


sticky toffee pudding

caramel, pecans, vanilla whip





Ferris Oyster Bar

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